Smartphone Connectivity Solution
发布时间 2020-12-30
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In recent years, smart phones and other smart mobile terminal products continue to upgrade, and the thinness, processing performance, display effect, battery life, stability and multi-scene application ability continue to be improved. Under this trend, intelligent terminal manufacturers put forward the requirements on the performance of the interconnection system products and mini electric connector are higher and higher.

Thin type, packaging density, high speed, high current, touch control and energy saving has become the mainstream demand of products, ECT is the most comprehensive and applicable connector solution MANUFACTUREER for customers in the smart phone industry.

In view of the early popularization of 5G mobile phones, LDS+ radio frequency transmission lines are still the mainstream of 5G mobile phones in the short term. As the production of 5G core chip components rises and prices fall, more 5G phones which are using smaller product technology will be published into the market. We predict that LDS antenna +LCP transmission line /LCP antenna +LCP transmission line will become the mainstream solution for 5G mobile phones.Therefore, we provide one-stop systematic interconnection solutions of MINI RF/USS RF + BTB + FPC + antenna + precision metal / electromagnetic shielding parts + radio frequency spring contact part, it is including but not limited to research and design, production, sales and service etc.

ECT has developed and produced a prototype with a full category of antenna system for 5G mobile phones. With independent intellectual property rights, it can support 4G, Sub-6G and millimeter wave at the same time, fully demonstrating our independent antenna design ability and manufacturing level. We're at the head of the pack right now, and we don't see anything like it in a published product. Look forward to more opportunities to work with you.