Laptop&Tablet Connectivity Solution
发布时间 2020-12-30
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ECT provides a full range of high performance, compact, multi-functional connector products, which are very suitable for today's world of computing technology applications.

With the help of ECT mini RF connector, antenna, BTB connector, WTB connector, FPC connector, high speed cable, FPC board, RF spring contact, electromagnetic shielding product etc., not only can provide customers and partners with the complete connectivity solution, can also help you to better improve the performance of the notebook/tablet.Connectors for tablets and laptops include board to board, FPC, wire-to-board, micro coaxial, interface and RF products, as well as antennas, which are ideal for signal and power transmission applications, including LCD, LED back-lighting, antennas, cameras, batteries, touch panels and speaker/microphone applications.

Devices such as cameras and laptops, which have dense electronic components, flexible connection is often used as a convenient alternative to traditional wiring due to space constraints. Our board to wire FPC connector, FPC flexible circuit board is your better choice.