Communication Solution
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Connectors play an important role in today's network communication. It can connect individual devices electrically to form a larger network system. Standardized interconnection, which allows devices made by different companies to connect to each other, can be used to build a network in a neighborhood to meet business or community needs. Various electronic connectors are needed for the interconnection of base stations in wireless communication systems. A large number of connectors are required between base station controllers, mobile Internet and gateway support nodes. ECT will be your better partner for micro RF electronic connectors. Our products have been widely used in routers, modems, wireless APs, micro base stations, smart phones, etc., making connectivity everywhere.

The switch type coaxial connector for mobile phone is mainly used to provide signal switching between the antenna inside the mobile phone and the external antenna of the car. The switch connector is installed on the surface of the switch connector connected to the antenna of the mobile phone directly. Because the distance between the power element and the antenna or switch is short, there is no cable inside, and the signal transmission effect is very good.