Automotive Connector Solution
发布时间 2021-01-07
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Compared with traditional on-board connectors, the connectors used to transmit HD audio and video signals need to consider signal integrity and electromagnetic interference in high-frequency transmission, while ensuring mechanical reliability in on-board environments. Current transmission modes can be divided into analog signal, digital signal and optical signal three kinds. ECT has a complete set of products and related solutions to this. Analog signals are mostly used for radio signals, GPS signals and mobile network signals for antenna access. Digital signals are widely used, such as audio and video signals in the car, external USB and HDMI interfaces for consumer electronics, as well as increasing camera signals in recent years. Optical signals, due to their very low transmission loss compared with electrical signals, are used for high-end on-board audio and video transmission. Vehicular infotainment systems generally include: Head Unit, CD/DVD, antenna, front/rear display, Consumer Port and camera etc. The main challenge in the development of automotive connectors is the need to balance the mechanical and electrical properties of the product. The structural design of parts often has an impact on the impedance of the product, and the connection performance of parts is determined by the structure. Therefore, stronger mechanical components and the highest electrical performance are the most key characteristics of ECT automotive connector that distinguish it from other connector manufacturers.

Currently, ECT mainly supplies but not limited to Fakra series, HSD series, HD Camera series, HSL series and USB series etc.