Automotive Antenna Solution
发布时间 2021-01-07
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In addition to the traditional Radio, GPS and other functions, in recent years, 2G/3G/4G LTE, V2V, WIFI and digital Radio DAB and other functions in the global market is on the rise.  Traditional in-car antennas typically include 2G, 3G, radio, GPS, and Bluetooth, which is used to interact with the occupant. Currently, there are more and more new features in vehicle applications, mainly including:

(1)  DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), a kind of Digital signal broadcast for land reception;

(2)  V2V, real-time information exchange between vehicles;

(3)  LTE.In the consumer electronics sector, LTE has seen explosive growth in China, while the demand for 4G-based vehicle communication services is also growing;

(4)  WiFi is used for information exchange between vehicles and peripherals or facilities carried by occupants within a certain range.

        ECT Automotive Antenna Solutions

① Radar Antenna Design for Vehicle Application with PCB and LCP Materials.

Fast and accurate simulation capability with whole vehicle.

Provide both 24GHz and 77GHz antennas with both high frequency laminate and LCP materials.


②  Provide Most Antennas Used in Vehicles

Create full-s cale vehicle model and simulate various antennas at defined location to achieve more accurate  performance analysis. 

Provide almost all-in-house antennas and associate parts.


 As the number of in-car applications continues to increase,  limited layout space, high mechanical and durable environment requirements, as well as cost pressure, put forward higher requirements for automotive antenna products.

ECT related automotive antenna products is as follows:

   1. AM/FM  

    2. GPS

    3. Bluetooth / WiFi

    4. Radar  

    5. LTE/Sub-6G

    6. DTV/DAB

    7. WPC/NFC

    8.5G MIMO

    9. V2X