5G Solution
发布时间 2021-03-16
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The design of MIMO antennas focuses on the high speed signal transmission between PCB board to board large array of antennas and RF transceivers. In the 5G era, we need high-end connectors that are smaller and lighter. 

RF coaxial connectors can be used to build base stations, extend network coverage and increase traffic. ECT's U. FL antennas can be fitted to meet a wide range of frequency requirements for a wide range of micro devices, and our connectors provide high frequency performance from DC to 6GHz, V.S.W.R.Maximum 1.3 to 1.5.This will be of great help to the advancement of 5G.

Board to board connector is mainly used to connect PCB, module and motherboard of inside mobile phone, it can also be used for PCB and FPC connection, as well as to be applied to the connection of PCB and FPC soft board. According to the specific application, it can be divided into ordinary board to board (connecting non-radio frequency modules, such as camera module, wireless charging module, etc.), radio frequency board to board, and panel to board. ECT's board-to-board series of connectors are already being used in 5G phones on the market. Under the requirements of high frequency and low loss, LCP/MPI soft board scheme is expected to become the mainstream antenna scheme, and LCP/MPI RF cable is expected to replace coaxial cable to become the mainstream scheme in the 5G/sub 6G and millimeter wave frequency band. Our LCP/MPI flexible board, LCP/MPI RF cable, BTB connector will provide you with more choices.